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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Weather Happy

It feels as though summer has arrived and I am loving it. That coming from Ms. Prego says a lot. Although I was a tad uncomfortable Monday evening, the sunshine during the day made up for it.

Saturday Steve spent the day putting lattice up under the deck - the yard is getting there. Today he is putting new steps on the deck and if he has time, will build a bump out for the grill. We'll have some more room - that will be nice. I doubt he'll get to the pavers for the walkway- but you never know.

Monday during the day I filled up David's little pool and he had a blast. I even put my new suit on (still fits) and sat out to catch some rays. I wish I was home everyday to do things like that. Boy do I need to win the lottery!

Last Wednesday I went to the OB/GYN and all is going well. My next appt is June 21 and we'll find out what we're having - YEAH! Can't wait.

This past Sunday my Aunt Kathy and Uncle Bob threw a huge graduation party for their twin girls (my beautiful cousins). We had so much fun. I ate too much yummy food, but Steve and John drank way too much - surprise, surprise. Jen and I got to catch up and David played video games. The girls had a lot of fun and got so many gifts. I always have a great time with my family - I am lucky.

Looking forward to getting home from work and seeing the progress Steve made. I'll post pictures if there is something to see.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

May Days

We had another good week last week. Steve had some baseball games and some cancellations. David and I even got to go to the St. Peter's game. It was a lot of fun. On one of the nights the baseball game was cancelled, Steve, David, John and I went to dinner at the Sayreville Bar. The food was awesome as usual. It is so much nicer to eat there now that there is no smoking in restaurants. David attended nursery school on Friday and did much better than previous weeks. On his way home, my parents brought him to my office and then we all (and Theresa) grabbed lunch at Tony's pizza in Bound Brook - YUM! Friday night we ordered pizza and John came over to watch the Yanks vs Mets game. On Saturday, Steve worked some OT, so David and I ran errands and did some shopping. That evening, we attended Jean's 30th birthday party at the Hyatt in New Brunswick. She hired a company that does Casino themes, so we played Blackjack most of the night. The food was very good and I enjoyed the company. At the end of the night, you traded in your chips for raffle tickets. She had 5 gift baskets that you could try to win. I did not win, but the whole night was a lot of fun and a great idea. Sunday afternoon was my 'Aunt' Kathy's retirement party. Aside from getting there (traffic) it was a nice party. The restaurant was in Asbury, NJ - Asbury Willows - very pretty. There was a band, so David got to 'play the drums' - he had a blast. My friend Melissa was there with her boys, and David enjoyed playing Power Rangers with them. Steve and I got to see people we have not seen in a while, so that was cool. We got home just in time to watch the final Yanks vs Mets game and relax.

So far this week, I attended a Creative Memories meeting on Monday night and am working from home today. Tomorrow I have a doctor appointment and Thursday I am holding my monthly worshop. This weekend is Memorial Day weekend - YEAH! Summer is almost here - can't wait. Love that warm weather.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Happy Mother's Day Posted by Picasa

Pony Ride Posted by Picasa

Pirates and the Lady Posted by Picasa

Lions, Tigers and Mommies - oh my!

My title is a little deceiving, because we did not even see the Lions or Tigers, but we did see lots of other great animals at the Zoo on Saturday. David and I met Tracey and the kids at the Philadelphia Zoo on Saturday. We had not seen them in way too long. Unfortunately, Steve was working and Rich was busy so they missed another good time. We had fun anyway. Tracey bought David a zoo key and a canteen - he was so happy. We saw the monkeys, turtles, snakes, gators, lizards, elephants, kangaroos and hippos. The kids played in the tree house and took a ride on a pony. They even got their faces painted! Ty and David got Pirate faces and Ally got flowers. As we were eating lunch (next to some interesting people) the thunder started. By the time we were finished the rain started to fall. We had made it to the petting zoo where there was some cover thinking we'd wait out the storm but after about 30 minutes, we were smart enough to realize it wasn't going to stop. So we braved the rain and headed to our cars. My ride home was dry as a bone and it never did rain in NJ. Tracey did not have the same luck. Although we ended the day with rain, the rest of our trip was a great time.

As we all know, yesterday was Mother's Day. We started off my special day with breakfast at The Breaker's with my parents, grandparents, Uncle Bob, Uncle Jim, Aunt Debbie and cousins Jeff, Tom and Allison. I ordered chocolate chip pancakes and they were terrific! My Grandfather gave all the Mom's scratch off tickets and I won $1. After breakfast, we went to my parents so I could exchange gifts with my Mom. She gave me a gift certificate for Old Navy and some prego undies. I gave her the Mother/Daughter Willow Tree figurine and a book. David gave her sunless tanning stuff from Bath and Body works. My Mom left for church, so we headed back to East Brunswick. When we got home, David and Steve gave me my presents. I got a beautiful Pregnancy Journal, Beach Road and 50 First Dates (DVD). My parents came over later along with my Aunt Judy and Uncle Jack. We ordered some Chicken Holiday - it was tasty and NO COOKING! After dessert (Dunkin' Donuts) everyone headed home and Steve and I were settling in to watch my new movie. Just then, there was a knock at our door. It was my cousins Kate and John. They came to wish me a Happy Mother's Day - aren't they sweet! Best of all, John got me a card that made me teary. What a great kid - love him! He really is like a son to me. Once they headed out, Steve & I did watch the movie. It was great - Adam Sandler can do no wrong with me. I love ALL his movies, but this one was really sweet. I recommend it.

So there you have it. A great trip to the zoo and a fabulous Mother's Day! I hope you all had a great day too.

Friday, May 12, 2006


We can all take things and people for granted. For example, my husband. Overall, I know he is a great husband and father and I do tell him so, but I still get on him from time to time for things that he does or doesn't do. This past weekend I got a reality check. We took David to Pt. Pleasant boardwalk to go on rides and play games. As I was waiting for the boys to ride the roller coaster, I heard a familiar voice and when I looked up there stood my ex. It was his voice screaming at his son, that I recognized (scary). We said Hello before he took his 2 kids on the coaster and left me with his current girlfriend. She was a real sweet girl and we had a nice conversation. When Steve and David got off the ride, we went on our merry way. I told Steve about my encounter and he laughed. As we were walkling to the arcade, my mind started going. A feeling of great appreciation fell over me. I realized that my life could have been much different and certainly not for the better, had I not married Steve. So I reached for his hand and held it tight. I am so very blessed to have Steve as my husband and best friend. Although we have our disagreements and he does things that I don't like sometimes, that is nothing compared to what I could have been going through. Thanks Babe!

Monday, May 08, 2006

Feliz Cumpleanos Miguel!

I am embarrased to admit, that I forgot to call my cousin Mike on his birthday (yesterday). Now, some of my relatives are probably reading this saying 'how come she does not feel bad enough to post about missing my birthday?'. Well, the answer is that David is Mike's Godson, there is no good reason why I shouldn't have remembered to call Mike so David could say Happy Birthday. Now I said GOOD reason, because I sure have reasons. For example, we went over Mike and Laura-Ann's Friday night to celebrate, I cleaned the house Sunday morning before taking some of my CM hostesses to brunch, went food shopping for 2 hours Sunday afternoon only to come home to do laundry and cook dinner and last but not least, NEVER looked at me calendar. Oh and did I mention that I don't think my memory is as sharp now that I am pregnant. All in all, I really do apologize to Mike. Please do not be surprised if you get a phone call later this evening from your Godson singing Happy Birthday and please do not tell him Mommy messed up. We'll keep that between you , Me and the blogosphere!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Keeping the Peace

As I sit here crying and typing I decided to try to make peace with my brother-in-law. He left me a message a little while ago about how he is neglected by me in Blogland. He is right and I feel horrible. Not only does he do real nice things for us, he is a great guy. David absolutely loves him and so do Steve and I. He works extremely hard at QVC where he unfortunately has to spend a lot of time. Sometimes when we visit or Tray and the kids visit, we don't even get to see him. We miss him. So Rich, please accept my deepest apology. We greatly appreciate all that you do for us (all 3 of us) and think you are a terrific brother-in-law, not to mention a great guy. I know you said that you aren't reading this Blog anymore, so hopefully Tray will read this to you.
We love you!

Weekend Update

This weekend was beautiful. I started my Saturday off by purchasing a new couch on-line. We want to install a sliding glass door in our den so we will be getting rid of the sectional - putting 1/2 in the basement and 1/2 to the curb. I originally thought I wanted a brown leather sofa, but then realized I would need to completely redecorate to accomodate it, so I stuck with blue. Well, to my surprise, the only blue sofa on was on sale for $199.00! Steve was cutting the lawn, but as soon as he came in, I got his approval and snatched up the sofa. After a quick shower, I headed out to Target (by myself - woohoo!). There were a few things I needed, but I came home with that and some things I wanted. I got a new comforter and sheets set, 2 new table lamps, new bed pillows and some shelves. Before going home, I went to Home Depot and bought some flowers. When I got home, the lawns looked great and the fence was fixed. After we ate our Wawa subs, Steve planted the flowers in my planters. They look beautiful. David played with the new bubble gun I bought him and I relaxed. We did not do anything Saturday evening and it was perfect.

Sunday was my cousin Jill's bridal shower. Her sister, sister-in-law and bridesmaids threw it in Spring Lake at the Spring Lake Manor. I stopped at my Mom's on my way and picked her up. The place looked real nice. She had a lot of gifts waiting for her. When she arrived, she was SO surpirsed - it was great. After a tasty lunch, she got right to opening the gifts. She received some beautiful stuff and thoughtful gifts. I think she really enjoyed herself, as did I. On my way home, I dropped off my Mom. I was home in no time and was greeted by my boys and the new flowers they planted in the front of the house. I could not wait to take a nap, so I did. We watched Sunday night baseball and never really ate dinner. I was not hungry after all that we had at the shower and Steve and David had eaten a late lunch. It was so nice to crawl into my bed dressed in it's new sheets and comforter.

We are looking forward to our new couch being delivered this week - I'll post a picture when it arrives.

Have a great week!