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Monday, July 17, 2006


I have a special relationship with my cousin John, but for this post, we'll call him Johnnycakes. He is like a mix between and younger brother and a son. I am more than happy to report that my husband and Johnnycakes are also close and to my son, well he is his bestfriend. We can always count on John if we need help or to come along for some fun. When we built the addition on our house he and my cousin Mike helped us move our crap. When Steve built on to our deck, John was his partner. If I am stuck for a sitter, he'll watch David. On a lazy Sunday afternoon, he'll join us for dinner and a game. He'll go to Great Adventure or the boardwalk and be Steve and David's ride companion. He is an all around great kid that I am proud to be related to. Although he'll always be a kid to me, he will be finished college soon and be moving on with his life. I hope he knows that whatever he decides to do, he has our support. If he needs help, we are here. If he needs guidance, we are here - (well for that he should come to me and leave Steve out of it. JUST KIDDING DEAR!) When it comes to the ladies - well, I need to approve before he gets too involved. Girls can be cruel and I am not taking any chances on a broken heart.
So, thanks John, for everything. We love you.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Swim Class Pix

Here's my SWIMMER!

Next: The Swim Team!

For the past 2 weeks, David has been taking swim lessons at our swim club. He had 4 lessons the 1st week and 3 (due to rain) this week. My parents have taken him to all but 1 of his lessons. I was fortunate enough to be off on Monday and got to take him myself. He is great. All the other kids are crying because they are scared or because they want their parents. David goes off with one of the instructors - happy as a clam. They practice kicking, going under water, jumping in and using the noodle to float. He's a natural and loves every minute of it. I am SO proud of him. Today was his last lesson. I sent the instructors a card and some cookies for doing such a great job. When David got home, he had a little certificate with 2 stars and a list of things he learned to do. Perfect for my scrapbook! I think every kid should know how to swim and I am so glad David is on his way.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Summer in full swing

I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July weekend. We kicked ours off on Saturday by spending the day at the beach and the night at the boardwalk. We could not have asked for better weather. David loved the ocean. We jumped in the waves and I took him in a little farther so he could feel the waves break. At the boardwalk, he loved the rides. He even got to go on a few with his cousin Thomas. It was a great time.

Sunday we took a lazy day. David and I hung out outside for a while. I read my book and he played in his pool. Then I we went inside and I was hoping he'd nap, instead I napped. He and Steve played Playstation. We cooked dinner on the grill and ate outside. It was a much needed break from our busy schedule.

Monday Steve took on some overtime. I took David to swimming lessons. This was the 1st one I witnessed. He is GREAT! A natural in the water. He jumped off the side and went under water. I was so proud of him. After, we picked up my cousin John and headed to my parents. We popped in and headed to the beach. It was another beautiful day, but hotter than Saturday. We sat and watched David in the ocean. He did not come out for a second. My cousin Jackie and Aunt Kathy met us at the beach. Lucky for me Jackie brought David in the waves. Late afternoon, we headed back to my parents for the Pre-4th Party. We cleaned ourselves up just in time for Steve to arrive. We all ate a big dinner and relaxed. After dessert, we headed home.

To celebrate the 4th of July, on Tuesday we went to the swim club. My parents went early to grab a table and it was a good thing they did, because it was PACKED! Laurie, Walter and Thomas joined us mid-afternoon. David was in the kiddie pool ALL day. He got out to eat some grapes and that was about it. Thomas hung out in there too. It is so great for the kids. They guys made their way to the grill and cooked up some great burgers and hot dogs. Not long after, the rain came and we all headed out. The Danley's went home and we went to my Aunt Carol and Uncle Tom's for a BBQ. We always have a great time over there. Uncle Tom is a great cook, not to mention funny as anything. My couins Mark & Jen had just returned from France, so I got to hear all about their trip. David had a blast, as he always does. He loves playing with the big kids. We were exhausted by the time it got dark, so we headed home. As soon as we walked in the door, David was out like a light. We never did get to see any fireworks, but that was ok with me.

Wednesday was back to the old grind - WORK. One of these days, I'll hit the lottery and work will be a thing of the past. Right?