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Friday, December 29, 2006

A year in review

So much can change in a year, here is how mine went:


  • Start new position in new department at work

  • Celebrate Steve's 33rd birthday and Grandpop's birthday

  • Attend Kelly's baby shower

  • Travel to Kansas for training

  • Conceive child

  • David's 1st trip to dentist

  • Celebrate Thomas' 1st birthday

  • Rosaleen is born

  • Happy Valentine's Day

  • Celebrate 7th wedding anniversary

  • Host Memoranza scrapping event

  • Celebrate Rich's Birthday


  • Announce our pregnancy

  • Have first ultrasound and see beautiful baby

  • Happy Easter!

  • David starts Vo-Tech Nursery School


  • Attend Jill's bridal shower

  • Happy Mother's Day

  • Meet Tray, Ally and Ty at Phillie Zoo

  • Celebrate Kathy G's retirement

  • David graduates from Vo-Tech Nursery School

  • David turns 3!

  • Celebrate Ty's 6th Birthday, Tracey's Birthday, Mom's Birthday

  • Jill & Joe get married

  • Steve attends golf outing with Rich

  • Catch a Phillies game with Tray and Rich

  • Go to Great Adventure

  • David takes swim lessons

  • Find out we are having a GIRL!


  • Happy 4th of July

  • Go on vacation to FL

  • Celebrate Mom B's 60th Birthday

  • Take a day trip to Magic Kingdom

  • Spend time on the beach


  • More trips to the beach

  • Celebrate My 31st and Dad's birthday

  • Attend Kenny Family Softball game

  • Steve work at Middlesex Cty Fair


  • David starts Gateway Christian School

  • Celebrate Ally's 9th birthday in NYC

  • Celebrate Grandmom's birthday

  • Attend Mar's Baby shower

  • Hurricane passes through Jersey


  • Lizzie Rose is born
  • My baby showers

  • Begin Maternity Leave

  • Decorate baby's room

  • Happy Halloween

  • Pick pumpkins

  • Attend David's Halloween Parade

  • David gets his 1st bike

  • David gets a new car seat - now a booster seat


  • Ava Marie is born
  • David has school pix taken

  • Rutgers beats Louisville
  • Go to Rutgers vs. Syracuse game

  • Get new couch

  • Happy Thanksgiving

  • Amy home for a visit


  • Merry Christmas

  • Celebrate Amy and Dad B's birthday

  • Night out with cousins

  • Breakfast with Santa

  • Lots of shopping

  • NYC to see tree

  • Pt. Pleasant boardwalk

  • Attend David's Christmas concert

  • Ava's first tub bath

  • Steve gets a promotion

As you can see, I was busy once again. Hope next year is half as good as this one!

Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Merry Christmas!

It's been a long time since I've posted, so I thought this was a good time to do so. We will celebrating a very special 1st Christmas with our little doll baby Ava and David's 4th Christmas, which he is really looking forward to. Tomorrow we'll head over to Aunt Mary's to enjoy our Christmas Eve with my Dad's side and before heading back home, stop over at my cousin Barbara's for a night cap. After we put the kiddies down for the night, Steve and I will be busy little elves. I am really looking forward to that - we've never had to hide much from David before. On Christmas Day we'll be busy. I am sure David will have us up bright and early opening gifts and then asking us to put them ALL together. Once we play a little and shower up, it's over to Aunt Kathy's we go. That is where we have fun with my Mom's side. We'll eat dinner and then dive into our guessing grab bag. This part is great. Everyone has to try to guess who their Secret Santa is before they can open their gift. There is always some joke gift that gets given - like John's blow-up doll girlfriend. I hope she makes an appearance this year!

I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and as much fun as we will.

P.S. Here is a recent picture of Ava...