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Wednesday, September 27, 2006


If you have not noticed, I have been slacking in the post with picture department. Reason being, our 3 year old photographer broke my camera back in the early summer. My lovely sister and brother in law were kind enough to give us theirs (they got an upgrade) on vacation. To no fault of their own, they forgot to pack the software and upload cable but I did get them recently. When I tried to install the camera on our PC - I got an error. So, I attempted to download the software and again, an error. I FINALLY got smart today and removed everything I loaded and downloaded the driver from the web. Low and behold - IT WORKED! So after about an hour of uploading, I can post a picture. YA HOO! Enjoy...

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I can see clearly now, thanks to Rich

I know that is not how the song goes, but it is true. I bought Steve a HDTV last christmas from QVC. Well, after a few months, it went on the fritz. So, our great brother in law spoke to his peeps and got us a replacement. Well, unfortunately, this one has fritzed also. Rich was determined to figure out what exactly was going wrong. He came up last Saturday and together with Steve, got down to the nitty gritty. Basically, we are getting 1 more TV and need a longer, better cable. So as of next week, our TV will be shipped and I will be making a HDMI cable purchase at the local Best Buy (unless Rich can find one - so nice!).

I can not tell you what a difference seeing football in HDTV makes - not only it is clear as heck - but Steve is not bitching in the background!

Thanks Rich - you ROCK!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL!

As you can see, I am very excited that Football season is upon us. I am partaking in 3 fantasy football type leagues this year and am off to a good start in 2 of them so far. I won't know the results of the first week of my fantasy team until after tonight's 2 games. I am tied for 1st place in a pick 'em league (you have to pick EVERY game EVERY week) and lived for another week in our survival league (pick 1 team each week to win, but can not choose the same team twice in the season). The games have been great. I've seen some awesome catches and hard hitting - the way the game should be played. Steve was fortunate enough to actually go to last night Manning Match-Up. Even though the Giants lost, they looked really good. I am hoping for a fabulous season! Enjoy the games.