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Monday, March 27, 2006

Happy Anniversary to ME!

That's right...Today 3/27 Steve and I are married for 7 years. It does not seem that long ago that we were planning and getting everything just right for our wedding day. Our actual wedding day was a lot like today. The weather was nice, but it was windy. We were married at Kirkpatrick Chapel in New Brunswick, NJ and our reception was held at Seabra's Armory on the water in Perth Amboy. The ceremony was perfect, my Uncle Jack did a wonderful job. The reception was awesome. Everyone had a great time dancing and singing along to the DJ and the food was spectacular. The groom had a little to much to drink (understatement), but other than that it was the best night ever. I loved our wedding.

Now here we are 7 years later. In my opinion, not that much has changed. Yes, we have since bought a house and done a lot to it. Yes, we now have a almost 3 year old son. And Yes, I have a different job. But all the important things have stayed the same or gotten even better. We still love, honor and repspect each other and have a great time together. Steve still makes me laugh, which is one of the first things I remember about meeting him. Marriage is not always easy, but if you can make it through your toughest day with love in your heart and admiration in your eyes it will all be worth it.

In case you were wondering, I am not even the least but itchy!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

My crazy life

This week I have been SO crazy busy. It actually all started last weekend with the Draft and then I taught a Get Together on Sunday. Monday after work I ran home to cook dinner before leaving for a CM meeting in Flemington only to find my At Home America order waiting for me. So I sorted through and bagged that then started dinner. I shoveled food in my mouth so I could leave for my meeting. My meeting was great. I feel so inspired after having talked to the other consultants and listening to Melissa - she rocks. Tuesday I had a 5 pm trainer appt at the gym and then Frank was coming over to give us some ideas about our house. We talked to him for about an hour and showed him around. Then I ordered dinner from the diner and Steve went to get it. After we ate, I did some CM paperwork and thought about what we would do with our house. We decided we would put it on the market and see how it goes. The only thing we need to do before listing it, is put the carpet back in the basement. Wednesday after work I met with Laurie to drop off some of her orders and to discuss becoming a CM consultant. I am so excited that she is thinking about it. She would be great. She loves to scrap, is so creative and knows tons of people. I hope she signs on. I went back home to pick up the family and we all headed to the diner (MomMom, Gramps, David, Steve and I) for dinner. After dinner, we drove all over delivering At Home America orders. Today I need to run into South River to drop off 1 more order and to pick up 2 orders from the Get Together I did on Sunday. When I get home, I need to place the CM order and then get dinner ready. After dinner, I am hoping to plop on the couch and unwind. The NCAA tournament starts up again tonight, so that's what I hope to be watching. Let's go TEXAS! This weekend will be busy again, my in-laws are up for a visit. But hopefully, not half as busy as the last one. We plan on just having a nice dinner and getting together with the family. I'll let you know how it goes. Oh yeah, wish me luck on Saturday afternoon - we are going to Penney's for our 1st family portrait! I hope we all look nice and that everyone agrees to smile. This has been a long time coming. David will be 3 in June! If I can, I'll post the picture once I get them. I am still trying to decide what we should wear. Decisions, decisions....

Monday, March 20, 2006

Javy Lopez wasn't taken in the 1st round?

This past Saturday, Steve and I hosted our annual Fantasy Baseball Draft. The group started to gather around 12:30 pm while I was at the food store picking up lunch meat and rolls. Jack arrived early to put the $100, I mean $40, draft board together and Mark and John arrived early out of excitement. We started drafting around 1 pm with John having the 1 st pick. He chose David Wright which left Sheffield out there for me until Walt picked him up with his 1st pick. I was third to go, so I chose Ichiro being that Walt stole Sheff. That is pretty much how the rest of the afternoon went. Every time someone chose a player, the person that was due to choose next got bummed out. Well, I should not say EVERY time. There were a few surprise 'picks' that no one else seemed to want and believe me, when they were chosen the jokes came flyin'. Overall the day went well and quick. We were done drafting by 4:30 pm, but that was when the critiquing started. The guys that stayed, stared at the draft board admiring their team and ripping apart the other 9. I was real happy with the team I had chosen. I guess we just have to see what the season brings...

Monday, March 13, 2006

I did it!

I would like to take this time to pat myself on the back. My Memoranza event went really well this past Saturday and I am very proud. Everyone in attendance had a lot of fun and got a lot accomplished. I gave away quite a few prizes and everyone seemed pleased with those. The food that everyone contributed went over real well and I'd like to thank those that cooked or brought something. We had more than enough great food. It was also nice to see people that did not really know each other sharing ideas, giving advice and praising one another. For this being my first big event, I think it went well overall. Next time I would like to have a bigger room with more tables and I would get my press releases out sooner (THANKS MIKE!), but those would be the only things I would change. I hope to get together with the group again soon, even it if it's in smaller groups. I myself was so inspired I scrapped last night. I also encourage those that say they can't do it or don't have enough time to try it - you'll love it and want to make the time.
Happy Scrapping!

Friday, March 10, 2006

Dreamin' of surf and sun

Although it is early March, today was one of the best 'Spring' days ever. The weather was terrific and I had the day OFF! I originally took today off to get ready for tomorrow, but I worked my butt off every night this week and had very little left to do today. So, I treated myself and David to a trip to the beach. We drove down to Spring Lake and picked up my parents. Then we headed to the Breaker's for lunch. My Mom and I shared a delicious egg salad wrap with a side of fruit, my Dad had tuna and David had mozzerella sticks. After we were full, my Mom headed to work and the rest of us went to the beach. David and I actually went on the beach. We picked up smooth rocks and tiny shells. The surf was rough, but the sound was so soothing. It was great, we were the only 2 people on the sand. The boardwalk was hoping with walkers and my Dad, sitting on the bench. After a while, we jumped in my car and took a ride to Lavalette to check out my Aunt Mary and Uncle Bob's new shore house. It did not take long for David to fall asleep. When we got there, I got out to peek in the windows. It is really nice and very roomy. There is a little more work to be done, but it looks like it will be ready for the summer. I drove my Dad to Manasquan (where my Mom works) to pick up his car and then David and I drove home. He slept the whole way home too. When we got home, he woke up and we picked up our findings from the car and headed inside. David was very upset when he took off his shoes and sand fell out. He came running into me asking for the 'little vacuum'. He is going to make a wonderful husband! We had a really great day and I hope there will be a lot more like them, and soon!

Sunday, March 05, 2006


We don't always think about what or who inspires us to do what we do, but it is something we should all think about now and then. After we realize our inspirations, we should let the people that inspire us know it. I don't think that people realize that they give others inspiration. Here are some of mine (in no particular order):

1. Mom & Dad, to strive to better myself personally and professionally and to love unconditionally.
2. Grandmom, to accept people for who they are and not try to change them.
3. Tracey, to be the best mother I know how to be and not follow the rest of the pack, instead have them follow me.
4. David, to see things as he would. Full of promise, love & acceptance for everything.
5. Steve, to stand behind and believe in the one you love, even if you think he/she is crazy.
6. Melissa, to take every opportunity to believe in what you do & the people along side you and let others know what you believe in.
7. Aunt Dottie, to never give up and take life as it comes.
8. Amy, to fight for your right even if you are the only one that thinks you are right.
9. Mike, to follow your dream no matter where it takes you and to know that you will make it big one day.
10. Laney, to follow your heart and know that God will bring you to where you belong and keep you safe.
11. Laura-Ann, to keep family first and know that they will always have your back.
12. Jill, to fly by the seat of your pants and have the confidence to pull it off.
13. Laurie, to not get caught up in the stuff that does not matter in the long run.

I am sure that there are more people in my life that have inspired me, but these were the ones that I have thought about recently. Thank you to all of my inspirations and for those of you that I forgot to mention. I love you all.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Signs of Spring?

This Friday Steve will start another baseball season with Vo-Tech. He seems real excited about the potential of the team. I hope they have a great season. Our Fantasy Baseball draft is scheduled for 3/18. I am not sure who I will be keeping and have not a clue as to who I should draft, but I have some time to figure it out. Thank goodness for Baseball because when Spring Training starts I know Spring is not far away. However if you looked out our window right now, you's think it was the middle of winter, not the end!