Party of 4 - NY sports and beach loving family!

Monday, August 27, 2007


My birthday was great. I received so many nice gifts and beautiful cards. Steve and I went out for dinner with Laurie and Walter to Bonefish WITHOUT THE KIDS!! Can you tell I was excited? The food was delicious and the company was great. We had a real nice time.

Saturday morning we took a family trip to Lowe's for the sheetrock. I helped Steve carry it into the house. I did not think sheetrock was so heavy! By the time he left for Joe's draft, he had finished the long wall. Sunday, Steve worked all day and finished putting up all the sheetrock. We have walls!! Today he'll tape and spackle. I am so thrilled. We might even get to start the floor this week ;)

Friday, August 24, 2007


Happy Birthday Dad & Me and BLOGGER? I just logged in to write a quick Birthday post and noticed that we share a birthday with this website. How funny is that? Love it.

Ok, now to my original rant...
Today I celebrate my 32nd birthday while Dad celebrates his 59th. As you can see from the equation above, he was 27 the day I was born. I was a very original birthday present, don't you think? My Mom could not have planned it if she tried. I too was given an awesome gift that day. Two fantastic parents that would stop the world for me.

32 years later I now have a wonderful husband and 2 beautiful children. Those same 2 parents are still taking very good care of me and now of their grandchildren. I sure am a lucky girl.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Catching up

Last I posted, we were in the demo phase. In the past week, we have progressed to the rebuilding phase. Steve has layed a new sub floor and moved some of the electrical outlets so they will not be in the wrong place when the cabinets are installed. Speaking of cabinets, 34 boxes of cabinets were delivered last week and are taking up my entire living room. Not fun. The addition is almost complete. We are waiting for the trim to be done and then the contractor is finished. Steve's next move is to insulate the exterior kitchen wall. Once that is complete, he can start to sheetrock. It will still be some time before the kitchen is in working order. Sigh...

Through all this, we did host our yearly Fantast Football draft. With the loving support of my cousin Laurie (she took the kids), it went well. The weather was beautiful so we could be out on the deck. I feel my team came out well. I hope I can win some money this year.

Ava had been sick all week. She had bronchitis and a double ear infection. She took her antibiotic and nebulizer treatments like a little princess and is doing much better.

Friday night it took me 3 hours to get home from work due to the rain. They closed Rt. 18 at Commercial Ave and I was in the same spot on Rt. 18 for over an hour. That was NOT how I wanted to spend my evening. My parents had the kids and ended up keeping them. Which meant their plans had to be changed. All because of some stupid weather. Horrible.

This coming Friday is my birthday. I will be 32! I am hoping Steve gets me some nice gifts and takes me to Bonefish. I'll let you know!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Down to the studs

Saturday was demolition day at the Boettger house. With the cabinets being delivered tomorrow (Tuesday), we had to get a jump on the kitchen renovation. With Steve working all week at the Fair, Saturday was do or die day. We started ripping things apart about noon time. Steve smashed the cabinets off the wall and took off the countertop. David wanted to 'help' so Steve gave him a mallet and he started knocking through the sheetrock. I took care of the tile on the floor. After a while, there was SO much dust that Steve made David and I stop working and he finished up. By the time the Giants game started, we were down to the studs on the walls and a pile of sheetrock/trim/plaster was in the middle of the kitchen floor. There was A LOT accomplished in 8 hours. It was back to the fair for Steve on Sunday, so nothing more was done. Maybe today he'll get to do some more. Not so sure though, Steve is sick as a dog. Poor guy. He got the bug that has been running rampid in our house. However, knowing him, he'll do more work. Check out the pix...

Monday, August 06, 2007

Pierced Princess

I said I was not going to be the one that brought Ava to get her ears pierced due to the fact that I can not tolerate pain. Steve was going to take her. That changed yesterday afternoon when David and I went to the mall to make a WebKinz purchase. I saw the Piercing Pagoda and thought to myself "Ava is tougher than her Mom, she can handle it". Plus, Steve was working hard and I knew it would make his day. Sure enough, David and I picked out a cute pair of CZ's and on the count of 3, she was pierced! She let out a big cry that lasted for about 45 seconds and it was over. She is a tough little princess - thank God. Not the drama queen her mother is. She looks real cute, but they do not make her look any less like David. So, now we have a beautiful girl with pierced ears that still looks exactly like her brother - minus the piercings. Oh well!