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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Happy, Happy, Happy

Happy belated Mother's Day. Happy Birthday Walter & Uncle Bob. Happy Graduation LeAnne. Happy Anniversary Grandmom and Grandpop.

There, that is enough well wishing for 1 week. Although, the Anniversary wish is a very special one. My Grandparents will be married 60 years! Can you imagine? We're celebrating with them on Sunday with a brunch for about 45 people. It will be a great time. My sister and I have hired a photographer to cover the party and the vows ceremony that will take place Saturday evening. I love pictures - as you all know :)

I am thrilled to report that I weighed myself this morning and lost another 2 lbs!! I can really feel it in my clothes. My pants are loose and my shirts actually fit. I need to step it up a notch though. Summer is closer than ever. With Steve's baseball coming to an end, I will be able to fit exercise back in my routine. The weather is also nice enough for me to take the kids for a walk when I get home from work. I'd like to lose 12 more lbs, but at the rate I am losing, it will take 6 weeks. That is too long.

My Mother's Day was very nice. Steve bought me beautiful flowers and a sweet balloon as well as 2 very touching cards. He did a great job. He is also paying for the kids portraits to be taken in June on the beach. SO looking forward to that. We met my Dad's side for breakfast at The Breaker's and had a BBQ at our house for my Mom's side.

This week my sister and her husband are here from FL to attend my Grandparents events. They are staying with my cousin Mar and her family. They brought the kids a bunch of gifts - which David thinks is great. Amy is going to babysit for Lizzie so Mar can attend a bridal shower. She'll love that.

Ava was 6 months old last Friday. I took her for her check up on Monday. She is 27" long and 17 lb 5 oz. They gave her the green light to eat veggies and fruit. I started her on sweet potatoes. So far so good. She has been sitting up by herself for about 2 weeks now. It's so cute to see her be independent. I love her to pieces!

That's enough info for now. Enjoy your week!

Monday, May 07, 2007

Scrapping, Golfing & Drinking

WHEW! What a week...

Wednesday we met up with our friends Corey & Jean for dinner at The Grove. It was great to catch up with them and hang out. The kids were pretty well behaved - which always makes dinner better. The food took a while to come out, but it gave us time to chat. They are doing well and we'll see them next weekend for Corey's 30th birthday dinner.

Thursday I met Steve at the Doubletree in Somerset for the Somerset County Scholar Athlete Awards banquet. However, I had about 2 hours between work and the banquet - so my friend (recently turned scrapper) Therese and I went over her house and worked on our albums. I started David's album - FINALLY! She worked on her wedding/honeymoon album. Before we knew it, it was time to freshen up and go. I headed to the banquet and she was meeting friends for dinner. The banquet went well. The food was not great, but it was nice to spend time with Steve out of the house.

Friday during lunch, Therese and I scrapped! We had planned on going back over to her house, but they were paving her road. So, we scapped in her office. Did not get as much done as we liked. If we do a lunch thing again, we're going to have to get out of the office. David attended the Vo-Tech nursery school from 8:30 am to 11:00 am. Steve took him in with him in the morning and my parents took Ava in to pick him up. While he was there, he got a real nice haircut in the cosmetology shop. He had a good day. When Steve got home from practice, I ran over to a 'design your own purse' party at my friend Jennifer's house. Cute stuff - a tad pricey. I bought the Reagan bag in a pink paisley. Good for the summer.

Saturday was jam packed. My friend Jenn and her son Drew picked up David and I for a birthday party for Morgan - the daughter of our friend Jennifer. The party was at Sandy Deck's Parties in Manalapan. The theme was Princess and Pirate. David was in his glory. He loved riding in Jenn's SUV and watching Cars with Drew. Then at the party he had so much fun with all the kids. They had bagels and ice cream. Steve, John and Ava picked us up after it was over and we went to my parents. Steve, John and I golfed on their course. The kids and my parents went to the beach. Golf was fun. I have not golfed a real game since 1994, but I did not do that bad. The guys were giving me pointers and trying to cheer me on. I can't wait to go again. When we got home, I went food shopping for our Cinco de Mayo fiesta. I got mini tacos, mini quesadillas, tequitos, jalepeno poppers, chips, salsa, hamburgers and sausage. Then I got beer and Margarita's. Mark, Jen, Jill, Joe and John were our guests. We ate A LOT of appetizers and drank a lot of beer and ritas. The guys played cards and the girls chatted. A happy Cinco de Mayo was had by all.

Sunday we ate breakfast at IHOP. YUM! David got the Funny Face pancake and hot chocolate. He LOVES whip cream. After we went home and hung around. Then Ava and I took a ride to Flemington for a Framing party at my upline Melissa's house. Creative Memories will be offering custom framing as part of their services. Leaders are already offering it. It's pretty cool. I framed 2 5x7 of David in Disney from November of 2005. I can't wait to get them back. We had dinner when I got home and I was asleep by 9:30 pm.

Manic Monday is here and back to work I went. Steve has a game tonight - he needs to win. My Aunt Mary is coming over to work on the scrapbook with my Mom and I. I am looking forward to that.

Enjoy your week!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

May Day

I can't believe it's May already. This year is flying by. May is a good month. The weather is usually pretty nice and the days are bright. I like the sunshine when I get up in the morning a lot better than the pitch dark of the winter.

Anywho...It's been a while since I wrote and we've done a bunch of stuff, but something I must report first is....AVA IS SITTING UP!! She is too cute. Sometimes she forgets and falls back, but overall, she is a SITTER!

Okay, now to what we've been up to. The weekend of 4/21 was beautiful. I took the kids, picked up my cousins and headed to my parents down the shore. On the way, I learned that Mike and Laura-Ann will be moving in June to AZ! I am very happy and excited for them. I know this is something they've always wanted to do. I'll miss them lots, but wish them a lot of luck. At my parents, we hung on the deck and took a trip into town to browse. In town, I found a great little shop with gorgeous portrait pictures. The pictures were taken by the owners sister and I took her info. **SIDE NOTE: I gave it to Steve and told him I want the kids pictures as my Mother's Day gift. So I have an appt on 6/20 at 6 pm for photos on the beach. I am SO very excited.** That night we had dinner at Edgar's. Steve never made it down, his game went long and he was not in a good mood. Sunday was a lazy day and I loved it.

During the week Steve had a game every night. I took the kids to the Monday game and we hit Houlihan's on the way home. Tuesday I attended Ethic's Day at work. I was not loooking forward to it, however, I ended up enjoying it. They had a speaker by the name of Randy Cohen who writes for the NY Times. He did a great job. Very funny and full of info. Thursday I went into NY for a conference for work. It was ok. A tad on the boring side. That evening the kids and I met Laurie and Tom at the Mall. We let the kids play and go on the rides. They had fun. Friday Steve's game was rained out. For dinner we met the Danley's at Jensen's, but the wait was too long. So, we ordered and brought it back to their house.

This past weekend I held a Honeymoon Album party. My friend Therese came and started her first scrapbook. She went home with 3 beautiful pages. Aunt Carol started an album and using a Snap Pack got quite a few pages done. Laurie worked on Tom's album and finished 3 pages she was struggling with. My Mom got a bunch of pages done for my Grandparents album. Overall, it was a productive day. So productive in fact, I finished a Disney album I had been working on Sunday. Steve powerwashed the house and the deck and they look brand new. We ate dinner on the deck and watched some TV. Again, a nice lazy Sunday.

Yesterday I met my Mom at the pediatrician's office because Ava was not feeling too good. The doctor thinks she might have allergies or the start of an ear infection so my Mom is bringing her back Friday with David. They'll both have their ears checked.

That's all for now. Hopefully I can post again this week. Take care.