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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Whole Lotta Changes

Where do I begin? I guess I will start by letting you know we have moved to PA! Yes, it has consumed almost this whole year and taken us on a wild roller coaster ride, but we are officially Pennsylvania-ites. Long story short is about this time last year we considered adding on to the house we were in for the 4th time but just did not want to go through it. We were also frustrated with our town and NJ as a whole for all the money we were shelling out to be living in a 60 yr old home with no land. Steve got the bright idea to move to PA. I fought him at first, but agreed to go look. We found a new community that we fell in love with. So, house on the market in Feb, sold in June. Moved into my Aunt and Uncle's place until Sept, when we moved into my parents place and David started a new school. On Ava's 3rd birthday (a week ago yesterday) we closed and moved into our brand new home! There were bumps along the way, but now that we are there, they are just a distant memory. David started another new school Monday and is doing very well. Ava and David will be cared for by a woman that the school recommended while Steve and I are at work. Ava will be there about 2.5 to 3 hrs a day and David about .5 to 1 hour. My parents have requested to watch them 1 day a week, so on Thursdays they will have Grandparent time. We are very happy with our beautiful new home and new State! I can still get to NJ in 5 minutes, so I am STILL a Jersey Girl...but without the taxes ;)


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