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Monday, December 10, 2007

Only 1 month

Yes, that's right - it's been a month since I posted. Life has gotten in the way. Where do I begin?

Well, Ava turned 1 on 11/11/07 and she had a beautiful party in our new kitchen! My mom bought her a gorgeous party dress that she had on for about 15 minutes. She did seem to enjoy her guests and her party.

Most of the month of November someone was sick. Ava had ear infections, bronchitis and a sinus infection. Steve and I also had sinus infections. Thanks to the brutally cold weather.

Thanksgiving was fun. Aunt Mary cooked us a great dinner at her house. We ate like kings. I always enjoy catching up with my cousins. This year Chris and his girlfriend Julie were there. She is a sweet heart. We had a good time. That evening we spent at Aunt Carol's. We had our Kenny grab bag name drawing and ate WAY too much dessert.
Last week David had some teeth issues. He had an abcess that the dentist tried to fix, but ended up at the oral surgeon having to remove the tooth. He was such an angel - we're very proud of him.
Saturday I hosted a Crop n Shop that did not turn out so well. At least I got to scrap with my friends Jean and Laurie. That night Steve and I went to dinner with Laurie and Walt and had quite the experience. Steve found a silverfish bug IN his paella! So gross! Through it all we did have lot of laughs and fun. Sunday we took a day trip to Tracey & Rich's for the Giants vs Eagles game. The kids enjoyed themselves and Rich and Steve were glued to the laptop. They won their fantasy match up. Tray and I got to chat - it was a real nice visit.
Well, that is all for now. Happy Shopping!